We understand the importance of collaboration and professionalism.

Since our launch in 2014, our vision and focus has been to deliver for our clients with the emphasis on safety, collaboration, openness, trust and productivity.

To move forward in an evolving market, Gaisford are pleased to be joining the GRE Group, where our increased market stature, access to innovation, and further expertise will strengthen the product we offer, so that we can further harness our existing client relationships and grow new ones, to become a market leading Contractor in our sector.

We have built a reputation based on experience, honesty and being easy to work with. The majority of our work comes from a core group of repeat clients.


We stay current with the latest applications and building technologies

Gaisford can help to visualise your idea and make it happen.  We will work alongside you to try to develop your schematic ideas, and transform them into something workable, within budget, and using the most appropriate technologies and materials to suit your needs.


We will work to give you a competitive price, and assist you with value engineering.


We value our reputation, and public perception of being professional and easy to work with.


Gaisford want to help shape our future, helping to create the environments we live in.

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